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 Student form for Amir Nils

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PostSubject: Student form for Amir Nils   Wed 06 Apr 2011, 9:10 pm

Name: Amir Nils
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Danish

Appearance: Amir stands at about 6’8” and has longish blonde hair. He has eyes that do not match, meaning one is gold hazel and the other is icy blue. He weighs about 177lbs and doesn’t have a lot of muscle. He wears two white shirts, on short sleeved and ore longer that he has pushed to his elbows, showing his tattoos. He wears an old fedora and a metal band on his wrist, He wears tight black pants and black combat boots. Amir likes to add random colored things to his cloths such as scarfs, vests, hair clips, and anything else that’s bright. He has many tattoos and piercing that the doesn’t really like to cover, his tattoos are on his wrists and neck. He has both ears pierced 3 time each and his eyebrow is pieced as well, he also wears a cross pendent.
Personality: Amir is a very cheery person and likes to have fun, He is blind and a lot of times needs help getting around so he doesn’t trip. He usually always has a smile on his face and tries to make people happy. He is the same when he is with anyone and knows when to be serious. If he doesn’t like someone he will ignore them and not fight, he is a pacifist. He likes to eat and listen to stories since he can’t read or write, he doesn’t even know brail. He doesn’t really know what he wants to do in the future but wants to find someone that doesn’t mind the fact that he can’t see. He has secrets that he doesn’t want to be known but he hides things very well. No one can tell he is blind because his eyes don’t show it, He often times has to either tell people or they guess it, it’s like a game to him. He likes to mess with people and he likes to toy with them.
Background: Amir grew up in Denmark with his two brothers; he was the middle child in a set of triplets. He had two other childhood friends when he and his brothers moved to Norway. He met his best friend there and the two were very close. He was the only one out of him and his brothers that was blind so his brothers stayed close to him. Amir and his brothers, Dag and Rulf, Were born orphans and never had a family. They were sent to a orphanage in Norway and that is how they met their two friends, Damyan and his friend Jamie. Before he left Norway, to go to the academy, he learned something disturbing about Damyan and is trying to help him. He didn’t want to leave his brothers but he wanted to “see” what was out in the world.

Hobbies: He likes to listen to the wind and rain, and sit out in the rain and other bad weather. He likes to play games, like chess and anything else he can do with his hands. He also likes to just walk around at random.

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PostSubject: Re: Student form for Amir Nils   Wed 06 Apr 2011, 9:36 pm

Approved!! Welcome to the Antium Boy's Academy! Feel free to go to open house and make your dorm room! XD
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Student form for Amir Nils
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