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Sascha Morisson

Sascha Morisson

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PostSubject: Sascha Morisson   Sascha Morisson I_icon_minitimeTue 01 Nov 2011, 7:50 am

Name: Sascha Morisson
Age: 16, born 17 February 1995
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Dutch

Appearance: Sascha is a slender but tall young boy with feminine features. His height is 5'8 while his weight is 114 lb. His hair is long, dark red to brown colored and normally hangs down, a few strands hanging in his face. Sascha's eyes are a milky blue color and sometimes seem grayish. Sascha is usually the type who spends hours in front of the mirror, making himself look pretty, doing his make-up, making sure there are no hairs on his legs, face and armpits, brushing his teeth, doing his hair. Shortly said, he takes his time to care about his appearance. He normally wears things that fit tightly around his body and flatter his figure. He likes wearing miniskirts or shorts and in winter he mostly wears skinny-jeans. His tops are mostly corsets and in winter he wears a jacket over them or he just wears a sweater. He always wears female underwear, panties or a thong, preferably something lacey, it makes him feel sexy.

Personality: Sascha is a guy who likes to concentrate on his work and doesn't usually talk a lot in class. However outside of class he is the popular type that gets along with most people and has a lot of friends. Sascha has a really strong personality, when he doesn't like you he will make sure you know that and when he does like you he will be very close with you. When he is excited about something he will immediately start on it but when he doesn't there is a big chance that he won't start on it at all.
Sascha has some bad habits, he's stubborn, he can be really bitchy when something doesn't go as he wants or as he planned, he doesn't tell anyone when he feels bad and won't tell anyone until the point of breaking down and collapsing. But he also has some other habits, like Sunday is beauty day, he has that once every two weeks and then he likes to take a nice long bath, take care of his skin, wax his legs, shave his private parts, do his make-up, put some perfume on and polish his nails. And after that he spends the day watching television, writing, drawing, playing some games, eating ice-cream and at the end of the day maybe some playing with himself.
Sascha doesn't get along with girl's too well. When a girl starts whining at him, he will easily out-bitch her and make sure she regrets ever talking to him. Girl's are enemies in Sascha's eyes.

Background: Both of Sascha's parents are Surgeons and Sascha spend a lot of time in the hospital, spending time watching his parents perform surgery or helping the nurses out in the hospital. His dream occupation is to be a surgeon himself when he grows up and he already knows a lot about it from his parents. Because his parents are always busy Sascha learned how to be independent and tries not to bother his parents too much by whining when he feels sick, his parents are saving life's after all, wouldn't be pretty if they couldn't do their job's because of him being a bit sick. So far he collapsed a few times with a high fever and one of his parents would get a call that he hadn't gone to school and then they knew what time it was, only not how bad it was.
Sascha got a necklace from a guy when he was 13 years old. His dad told him to make friends with one of his patients and so Sascha obediently went to talk with the guy, who was 2 years older than him, and within 2 weeks they became best friends and they spend nearly all their free time together. After two weeks the boy needed to have surgery on his brain, he had a tumor, he gave Sascha the necklace before his surgery and after that Sascha never saw him again. The boy had survived the surgery and went home. Only Sascha had no idea where the boy lived so they could meet up again. He now carries the necklace around in hope that he would find the boy again, even though Sascha doesn't even remember the guy's face.

Hobbies: Watching movies, writing, drawing, playing games on his laptop, singing, playing piano, swimming and listening to music.
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Sascha Morisson
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