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 Noah Kade!!

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Noah Kade

Noah Kade

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PostSubject: Noah Kade!!    Noah Kade!!  I_icon_minitimeThu 05 May 2011, 12:09 am

Name: Noah Kade
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: French/ American

Appearance: Noah stands at an average height, he's not too tall but also not too short, 5 foot 9 to be exact. He has messy dark brown hair that despite his hardest efforts never stays in place, he works the messy look though. A pair of thick rimmed glasses cover his dark blue eyes. Noah, when you look at him, has that kind of intimidating look due to the fact he only smiles when he is amused, which is only when he is reading one of his favorite books. Ah yes that reminds me, Noah always carry's some kind of book with him...or a camra.

Personality: Noah comes across as an apathetic person when you first meet him. He is actually very shy and what he dose to cope with his shyness is block off his emotion from strangers. When he gets to know and like someone he will cut loose and be more outgoing, opening up to them a bit more. Noah doesn't like talking about how he's feeling, he answers "I'm good" every time when someone asks how he is, he just doesn't want to burden others with his thoughts. He's a very good listener and will offer advice to those who need it but again, he never talks about himself you have to pry things out of him. Despite his together apperence Noah is very clumsy, he trips over absolutely nothing about 7 times a day, which embarrassed him to no end. When embarrassed Noah is the cutest thing ever, his face will grow red and he'll stutter while trying to pretend nothing is wrong. I

Background: Noah was born and raised in America until he was 8, than he moved to France with his single mother where she met and fell in love with a native French guy who 2 years later became Noah's dad. This man was actually very kind for a step Dad, he loved Noah and was closer to the boy than his mother was. He thought him how to cook, he gave him books of all kinds and even taught him to drive. Noah was only ever close to his mother ans step father, he was either too nervous to go meet new people or they thought of him as unapproachable due to his looks .In his spare time Noah took up photography and it became a big passion of his, it took his mind off of things and he just adored how you could get time to stop in a small picture.. Even if he had a loving family, a feeling of lonliness lurks inside of Noah's heart.

Hobbies: Photography, Reading, sitting in the park, mixing random foods and drinks trying to invent the best new food ever.

Noah Kade!!  Noah10
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PostSubject: Re: Noah Kade!!    Noah Kade!!  I_icon_minitimeThu 05 May 2011, 6:25 am

You are approved~! Feel free to visit open house in the auditorium, explore the site, or bunk with another student~!
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Noah Kade!!
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