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 The Form!!!

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PostSubject: The Form!!!   Wed 06 Apr 2011, 10:04 am

Student Registration

Name: [character’s name, not yours XD]
Age: [Has to be between 14-19]
Gender: [Can you guess? O.o]
Ethnicity: [What race?]

Appearance: [Has to be at least 8, full descriptive sentences. This includes height, weight, hair color, eye color, etc.]

Personality: [Has to be at least 8, full descriptive sentences. What does your character act like when he is with others? Alone? With the opposite sex? With enemies? What are his goals and values?]

Background: [Has to be at least 8, full descriptive sentences. Where was your character born or raised? What was his life like before attending the academy? Family, friends, major events, etc.]

Hobbies: [Name at least 3 hobbies]

Picture: [Optional]

((After filling out and submitting this form, an admin will either approve or decline it very soon. Once you are approved, you can make your dorm and tour the campus! There will also be an open house in the auditorium so your character can get to know his class mates. Classes won‘t start up until we have at least 10 approved characters.))
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The Form!!!
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