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 Dustin Jackson

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PostSubject: Dustin Jackson   Mon 25 Apr 2011, 6:05 pm

Name: Dustin Jackson
Age: 18
Gender: Male ( lol)
Ethnicity: Australian

Appearance: Dustin has jet black, straight hair. His skin tone is a creamy color and his eye color is light green. He weighs about 135. His style of clothing is…normal as I could say. He usually wears a black button up, long-sleeved shirt with a blood red tie. (The badge on his arm isn’t there). He usually wears black jeans that are sort of baggy around the feet area. Plus he is usually seen with a toothpick in his mouth.

Personality: Dustin has a very...normal personality. He likes to be out in the open, where he can wonder and meet new people. Dustin also has a very…possessive attitude when it comes to things he likes. When he aims for something…he always gets it. Dustin has a way of showing you what he’s feeling at times. Sadness…..anger….sorrow…etc….

Background: Being an only child in a family is ok. For Dustin, it was boring and …somewhat agitating. His birth place was in Sydney but soon his father had gotten a new job in Alice Springs. O f course Dustin was excited but..what if the kids there picked on him? He moved and became happy when he met new kids, who enjoyed being with him. Now as a teenager, Dustin will soon see the real world.

Hobbies: Dustin enjoys writing short stories, roaming around outside and being himself
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PostSubject: Re: Dustin Jackson   Wed 27 Apr 2011, 9:24 pm

Approved! Welcome to the Academy! Fee free to roam around, visit open house, and bunk with another student in the dorms~!!!
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Dustin Jackson
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