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 Welcome to the academy! ((read here for intro and rules!!!))

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Welcome to the academy! ((read here for intro and rules!!!)) Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to the academy! ((read here for intro and rules!!!))   Welcome to the academy! ((read here for intro and rules!!!)) I_icon_minitimeWed 06 Apr 2011, 7:47 am

Welcome to Antium Boy’s Academy!

Antium Boy’s Academy is located in the heart of Antium Island, located in the Pacific Ocean. Intelligent or talented boys of all backgrounds are welcome to attend! This school takes pride in preparing young boys for their life as adults! We have the basic curriculum of science, math, english, history, art, and physical education. Our teachers are board certified and are always willing to help any and all students. As for daily lives of the students, they will be able to share a dorm room with another student and enjoy an open campus. The classes will rotate every other day. Each student will reside in their dorms while attending the school. Study hard and you will have a brilliant future set out for you! Now, the first step is to register yourself at the student registration! Have an enjoyable stay at Antium Boy’s Academy!

Rules of this RPG:
1. No God-moding.
2. You must RP in third person, past tense. ((EXAMPLE: Bob went to the park))
3. All posts outside of class should be more than the minimum of 50 words. All posts inside the class need to have a minimum of 20.
4. Keep you character as realistic as possible. This means he can get hurt, has flaws, and doesn’t have special powers like flying, reading minds, etc.
5. If a user doesn’t post for a period longer than a week without admin. notification, they will be taken off the roster. If this happens, you will have to make a new character and register all over again.
6. This rpg runs on liquid time, meaning that you can be in more than one place than once and you can manipulate the time of day.
7. If you are going to RP sex, then feel free to do so. This is a yaoi site after all. The only requirement is that you put a little warning before you do anything to warn others. XD
8. This is a yaoi rpg Wink Have fun!!!!
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Welcome to the academy! ((read here for intro and rules!!!))
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